I am nothing But an empty body Whose soul Lost its way back After being one For long With someone else. – Jasleen Kaur


Tears that wet my pillow Are the memories of past I bleed with eyes every night To free myself from that kiss last. – Jasleen kaur


The fairytales I believed in Makes me laugh now Stepping into a real world Made me wonder how Prince charming was just a dream left my soul with a scream. – Jasleen kaur

Free yourself

It’s time to Let it go and let the tears flow… Till the eyes are dry and no emotions are left to show… – Jasleen kaur

Fading past

I can see rainbows of rapture Ascending after the storms Time to get away from the somber chasm Paint my reality with tones to capture The murmurs of broken heart has blown the blues Turning my life wonderful. – Jasleen kaur

Cold hand

You weaved ur fingers with mine Revealed to me you will be there until the end of time Now my hand is cold And forever is no more. – Jasleen kaur

Screams of my soul

The cage of life has locked me in past Where nightmares are feeding off me I can hear screams of my soul Beseeching me to let myself out of this dark and cold place to the world of light and hope Where shadow of evil past cannot touch me And Love still exists with all…

Prisoner of Past

Loneliness has been consuming me for a long time, I scarcely know whether I am living or passing my days. It’s been difficult. There is something that’s not letting me move on. Something keeping me down, confining me in the Prison of Past. This feeling of anxiety and dreadfulness is very new. However, it’s drowning…


The hope of light In my eyes Has been through The tempests of life. – Jasleen kaur

Scarred ForeverĀ 

I got scarred for life. The boy who was everything to me marked me forever. The one who never let me shed a tear, the one who was possessive, the one who couldn’t see me cry, the one who couldn’t see me hurt, scarred me for life. The scars he gave were not merely physical….